Your Guide to DUI Law in Maryland

Jennifer B. Page is a Rockville, Maryland criminal defense attorney who specializes in helping Montgomery County residents fight DUI arrests, major traffic violations, and a host of criminal charges. In this series of articles, she discusses the ins and outs of DUI law in Maryland and offers advice on what to look for in a criminal lawyer.

Why to Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you?re facing criminal charges, then you?ll need a lawyer who is experienced and extremely familiar with how the legal system works. You should also consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer who used to be a prosecutor, as this type of training will give your attorney an edge when defending your case.

How the Right Lawyer Can Help With a DUI Charge

A DUI charge is no laughing matter ? even if it?s your first offense. The right attorney can help you walk away with the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case.

Do Criminal Lawyers Approach Juvenile Defendants Differently?

Defending someone under the age of 18 is very different from defending an adult. For this reason, it?s important to find a lawyer who knows how to deal with juveniles.

What to Know About Maryland DUIs

DUI laws in Maryland are getting stricter by the day, so residents should be extra careful to avoid these types of charges.

What to do if You?re Wrongly Accused of Drug Possession

Law enforcement agents need to follow procedure when it comes to searching and arresting people for drugs. A good criminal defense lawyer can review the facts of your drug case to determine if you?ve actually been wrongly accused.

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